IGCSE History is the most important subject to study



Studying IGCSE History makes you significantly more pleasant person to make discussions and relationships with. You can stop social networks from being amplifiers for idiots.

If you are studying IGCSE, study History regardless of what you plan to do with your future, thank me later.

A glimpse at IGCSE subject: History

Disclaimer: I studied IGCSE, followed by A levels, years ago. The information here might be dated, but the gist if it should still hold.

IGCSE is essentially a secondary/highschool program and examination by the University of Cambridge. There are a lot of different subjects to study, one of which is History.

In IGCSE History, on top of WW1, you get to choose which historic event(s) to dig deep into. I ended up studying WW1, WW2 and Cold War. I vaguely remember other topics you could study:

The study focus is evaluating various sources of information gathered for you, then making a compelling argument for your statement or opinion.

Adolf and Nevile

Source: Wikipedia

For example, the question is "Did Hitler cause WW2?". By utilizing provided sources (ie. general media, such as news snippets, photographs and letters) and your knowledge of factual history, you create your own opinion. Your opinions needs justifications backed with facts and sources provided.

Depending on how you interpret the sources, interesting answers can arise, especially when the question demands subjectivity. Your claims can be in the grey area, as long as you make it clear why they are grey.

Side note: I blame majority on Britain - looking at you Chamberlain - and France.

What skills do you learn in IGCSE History?

These are the things I learnt (or became aware of) while studying IGCSE History:

Why is such skill set important in 2020?

In the past decade, I observed the following problems:

All IGCSE History skills stated above will help you combat these problems.

If you studied IGCSE history,

IGCSE History makes you a real adult.

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