Third iteration of blogging


My first blog

My first blog was in Wordpress. It got things done, and I was happy. Although I was never happy how sloggy it was, I knew nothing about web development so I dealt with it.

My second blog

During uni, I picked up web development quite quickly. Naturally, I decided write my own blog.

It had fancy frontend web-dev things with React and SCSS, following the best industry practices to making an webapp. The goal was to develop a webapp-ish experience with my online resume. Not long after creating it, I found a couple of problems:

  1. I soon grew to hate all these frontend tools.
  2. Writing a new blog post in raw HTML was painful.
  3. It felt bloated for what it was doing.
  4. The original blog name became too nerdy for me to accept. I really liked it back then, but the name made me focus on only tech-related things instead of wide range of things I wanted to discuss.
  5. I decided I wanted some anonymity online. I wanted a new 'profile' for me to use without it being tied to existing social accounts.

I ditched the blog quite shorty after. This blog is not even hosted anymore.

This blog

This blog is essentially the iteration of the second, keeping things I liked and fixing the issues.

  1. It is fast and minimal - it is just raw HTML and CSS. No JS (although, if I ever decide to enable commenting, it will inevitably have JS).
  2. Blogging is done in Markdown - this makes my life easier. To be exact, I write in markdown but have freedom to use just plain old html whenever I want to :)
  3. Minimal development workflow - just a few Node packages (mainly posthtml).

To check out the implementation, visit github.com/notcodingtoday/blog.

Hopefully, this is my last iteration. I hope to fill this blog with my game dev, music and other nerdy software engineering things.