Disagreeing with organization mandates


Workplace mandates: 'problems' that are out of your team's hands

Usually, the bigger the company, the more problems that are out of your hands at work. There may be mandates, restrictions and requirements that are from above that you may not understand. They may impact your daily work drastically even if they do not bring any positive traits at work.

Step aside and give respect

Everyone in your team and your company are in the same team. Life is an active PvP game and it is very valuable to keep your allies as allies. Work place mandates and requirements are (mostly) not coincidental and have a very specific intended effect.

Your ally spent their time creating the mandate because there was an org-wide problem. It is very easy to get trapped into denouncing such effort, do not fall into this trap.

Understand the mandates' effect

Collect data about the effect of the mandate: how it impacts daily work life, cost change, morale impact, etc. Talk to wide range of people and you should spend your time to understand various perspectives.

Document these effects in written form and share it privately with stakeholders.

Talk to your manager

Talk to your manager. Discuss the impacts and see what you can do. Most of the time, nothing. You are going to keep poking up the chain until you find the answer you want. Communicate this fact with the manager (who ideally shares the frustrations that you and your colleagues have) who is on your side.

Talk to your manager's manager

Talk to someone above your manager. Understand their feedback in and out to understand their perspective of the story. Derive if you got the answer.

Keep poking above

If you did not get the answer, keep going up the chain. You've hopefully made allies as you climbed up. You can also go side the chain (ex. talking to a director in your sister team) who may be in the best interest to keep your team's productivity high.

I've personally had to go up to VP level to get the answer I wanted. The experience was smooth overall with surprising positive responses.